According to the Commercial Code there are 6 forms of business entities from 
which 4 entities are used by foreign investors/owners:

  • Private Limited Company (ZAO) - min share capital RUB 
    10 000. Some foreign companies use this entity.
  • Private Limited Liability    (OOO) - min share capital RUB 
    10 000. Mainly used by foreign investors.
  • Public Limited Company (OAO) - min share capital RUB 10 000 
    (banks, insurance companies, stock exchange, commodity exchange and other big 
    public companies).
  • Representative Corporation Company (Rep. office) of foreign 
    company in Russia (AO).

A registration process needs always a lawyer. All documents must be with 
notarized translation.

Time and fee for company registration is up to the lawyer and speed of preparing all needed documentation in mother country, getting translations and notarizations. Lawyers, who are speaking English, have higher fees. Low price means that company prepares most of documentation and takes care of endorsements; low price may turn to become more expensive for the client.

Time for the registration is minimum one month. As the rule it takes 4 - 6 month. 
Then the company is ready for operations. Fee for the registration is 2000 - 
6000 EUR.

All foreigners need working visa and work permits.

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