All foreign citizens who have intention to work in Russia must obtain a work permit and a work visa. The work permit is provided by the company of the employee and it is linked to a specific employer. If the foreigner wants to switch the company he is working for the new employer has to provide a new work visa. The work permit and visa can be obtained only if the foreign national has received a job offer from a Russian employer. 

There are two types of work permits in Russia:

  •         Work permit
    This is the general Russian work permit that is valid for the length of the            employment contract but needs to be renewed annually if the job lasts longer than     a year. 
  •         Work permit for high qualification specialist (HQS)
    This is a special Russian work permit for those in skilled professions who gain          employment with a salary of over 1 million rubles. These permits are usually     processed within 14 days and they are valid for three years and it entitles          relatives including spouses, children and parents to Russian visas.  

The Russian legislation including questions on taxation and migration are very specific and not always easily comprehensible. Our employees will be happy to help with additional questions!


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